Here’s a Good Way to Wash Baby Clothes

Baby’s skin that is still very sensitive makes it vulnerable to irritation. This condition occurs not only due to water, soap, and skin care products, but also because of the clothes he wears. Therefore, you need to know how to wash baby clothes properly.

Even though it is still small, the baby can change clothes several times in one day. That is why it is necessary to consider the material, size and comfort when buying baby clothes.

You also need to know the correct rules for washing baby clothes. This is important because the clothing is in direct contact with the baby’s skin.

The following are things to consider regarding baby clothes:

Wash before use

After buying new clothes, always wash first before wearing them to the baby. You do not know exactly the process that occurs from the making, packaging, until the clothing reaches your hands.

Washing beforehand can reduce the chance of any ingredients or irritants left behind. This is the first step that you should not underestimate.

Use special detergent and fabric softener

Because baby’s skin is still sensitive, wash clothes using special detergent and fabric softener specially formulated for babies. Formulas like this are usually safe for baby’s skin.

This is actually important to do at the age of 0-6 months. However, if the baby has sensitive skin and is easily irritated, it is recommended that the use of the baby’s special formula be continued even if the child is older than six months.

Use plain water

There are many assumptions for washing baby clothes that must use hot water to get rid of germs. This is not entirely correct.

Washing with boiling water can actually damage the fabric and reduce its softness, making it less comfortable to wear. Use water at normal temperature for washing.

Proper washing method

Pay attention to the method of washing clothes according to the type of material. This is usually printed on the clothing label. Should it be washed manually by hand (hand wash) or may use a washing machine (machine wash).

In addition, another important thing is the time to soak clothes. Avoid soaking clothes for too long because it can give a chance for germs to grow. Soak the clothes for no more than 30 minutes.

Avoid using stain removers

Stain removal should not be used to remove milk stains or dirt on baby clothes. Because the substances contained in the stain remover have the potential to trigger irritation to the baby’s skin, especially dry and sensitive skin.

The best way to get rid of stains on baby clothes is to clean them with running water when the stain is new. You can also clean it first using a tissue, before washing it.

Apply to other baby gear

The rules above should also be applied not only when washing clothes. Also apply to blankets, jackets, sheets, pillowcases, and baby toys – especially soft toys like dolls.

These objects are not directly attached to the baby’s skin like clothing, so do not need to be washed too often. But dust and mites can get trapped in these items, so you still have to routinely wash them. Wash at least once a week.

Well, armed with information about how to wash baby clothes well above, now you can wash baby clothes properly without fear of irritating the baby’s skin.