Choose the wrong soap, this is the result!

Of the many types of soap, you need to choose more carefully. Why is that?

Everyone has different skin problems. Of course, the soap that is suitable for each person is also different. If you choose the wrong soap, your skin can be at stake. What are the side effects?

The skin becomes dry

A lot of soap or antiseptic soap is not the best choice for dry skin. Soap like this can make the skin become more dry and rough.

The irritation caused is not because it is clean, but because the skin’s natural oils are eroded by chemicals contained in soap. Skin that loses natural moisturizer will become very dry. Gradually the skin becomes itchy easily and it is not impossible to wrinkle more easily.

The skin becomes blotchy

For oily skin owners, using soap that is too soft sometimes doesn’t help. This type of soap is not able to clean the skin that is too oily. As a result, dirt or oil accumulates on the surface of the skin and makes the skin inflamed.

Choosing a hard soap with excess foam (soap that makes it rough) is also not the right answer. Because if the skin is too dry, the gland will compensate by producing more oil.

Itchy or red skin easily

Soap that makes the skin feel rough will definitely cause the skin to become dry. Pain is caused by loss of skin’s natural moisturizer.

The natural skin moisturizer is part of the skin’s defense. This oil keeps fluids from leaving the skin easily and foreign substances do not easily enter the skin.

Lack of natural moisturizer will make the skin lose its defense, making it more easily inflamed. Dry skin is also more prone to itching because of reduced elasticity.

Adjust soap with your skin type. Thus, skin health will be maintained.