Can Washing Baby Clothes with a Deodorizer?

The skin of a newborn baby is very delicate, soft, and has not been maximally protected by the immune system. This is why you should not be careless in washing baby clothes. Not only the selection of detergent, but you also need to be careful in choosing softener and fragrance of the clothes (softener).

The horn or stratum lining of the infant corenum continues to develop until at least 12 months of age. This layer is the outermost layer that protects the skin. Therefore, babies are still vulnerable to allergies and skin infections.

Skin care products and baby clothes cleaners that contain harmful chemicals and are easily irritating to the skin, can cause damage to the horn lining and facilitate allergies on the baby’s skin. Therefore, many experts recommend avoiding the use of most washing products that contain dyes or perfumes on the market.

Photo by Lisa Fotios from Pexels

In fact, many softener products contain chemicals, so for people with very sensitive skin, including baby’s skin, very little contact with these ingredients can cause allergic reactions.

According to the American Academy of Dermatology (ADA), allergies to deodorizers are one of the main causes of contact dermatitis. This is inflammation of the skin that can cause symptoms ranging from mild itching, redness, to the appearance of bumps and swelling on the skin.

The risk of using perfume for clothes also does not stop there. The chemicals contained in the fragrance can affect the quality of air in the room. Therefore, choosing a softener for baby clothing must be safe and appropriate for sensitive skin types.

Is it important to wash baby clothes with a fabric softener?

To make baby clothes always smooth and soft, many parents consider the use of a softener important. However, the fact is many are still hesitant to use softener because of the risk of an impact on baby’s skin which tends to be still sensitive.

Newborns up to 3 months old still have very sensitive skin, so ideally for babies at this age range you should use special baby clothes washing products that do not contain coloring and do not contain excessive fragrance.

Both when babies are active and asleep, it is very important for parents to keep them soft and comfortable. As you well know, babies like delicate things, including the clothes they wear. Therefore, make sure the baby gets softness and comfort with the use of a softener in the process of washing his clothes.

As the development of technology and research, now has begun to appear softener as well as fragrance of special clothing for sensitive skin. When shopping for baby’s needs in supermarkets, look for softeners that can keep the fabric fibers softer so that clothes are always softer and smoother to the touch, and are safe for baby’s skin because they have been dermatologically tested. Also look for softeners that contain mild fragrance and no coloring to keep the baby safe, smooth, and happy.

In the use of softener as one of the “rituals” of washing baby clothes, there are some things you should pay attention to.

  1. Use mild detergent. Some babies need special detergents, especially babies with sensitive skin. To be safe, choose non-biological detergent.
  2. Clean the stain on baby clothes before washing to make it easier to disappear. Soak the stained clothes first to make it easier for the stain to disappear during the washing process.
  3. If you see stains on baby clothes or see the baby spilling food on his clothes, immediately change baby clothes and soak clothes that are stained so that it is easier to clean when washing.

To maintain baby’s sensitive skin while providing it the softness and comfort that he craves from his clothes, use a softener when washing baby clothes. Choose softener really proven to be able to soften clothes extra, contain fragrance with a mild level of fragrance, has been tested dermatologically, and specifically designed for sensitive baby’s skin.