3 Ways to Take Care of Sensitive Skin in Children

Most people think that caring for babies and children is easy and difficult. Everything in themselves is still under development and often requires special care. One of them is in terms of skin care, especially if your child has sensitive skin.

There are several things that make a baby’s skin tend to be more sensitive, such as:

  1. Baby’s skin absorbs water faster, but also loses water quickly. Therefore, baby’s skin is very easy to dry.
  2. Natural moisturizing factor (NMF) on baby’s skin is still low.
  3. Baby’s skin layer is still thin when compared with adult skin. In addition, the acidic sheath that serves to protect the skin’s natural oils is still not fully formed. Baby’s skin becomes easier to dry, especially after bathing.

Tips for caring for sensitive skin of children

The above factors make baby’s skin dry quickly and easily irritated. Symptoms that appear are usually in the form of reddish rashes, peeling skin, reddish spots appear. If the skin is infected with bacteria, it can also be accompanied by pus.

However, you don’t need to worry. The following things can be done at home to treat sensitive child skin:

Carefully bathe the baby.

In the early weeks of life, babies don’t need to bathe as often as adults. You just have to bathe the baby once a day. When the child has grown, bathe a maximum of two times a day. As for babies who have dry and sensitive skin, bathe once every two days.

Use warm water with a temperature slightly above the baby’s skin, which is around 37-38oC. You do not need to bathe it for too long, just 10 minutes. Because bathing more than 10 minutes can make the skin more dry.

Use special baby soap. Choose soap whose formula is indeed formulated for babies. Avoid soap with a aroma that is too sharp and contains parabens.

Fragrances in soap can trigger irritation, while parabens can have various negative effects on the baby. If the child’s skin is sensitive, choose hypoallergenic soap.

Use moisturizer

After bathing, in addition to dirt, natural oils from the baby’s skin will be lifted and this makes the baby’s skin drier. Therefore, always apply moisturizer to all baby’s skin after bathing.

Use a moisturizer in the form of a cream because it can hold water longer and keep the skin moist. If the baby’s skin tends to be sensitive or reddish, child health experts recommend using petroleum jelly.

Its texture is indeed more oily and tends to be sticky compared to moisturizing cream. But don’t worry, because petroleum jelly is effective for keeping skin dry and irritated.

Change Diapers Routinely

The most common cause of diaper rash is diapers that are not replaced for too long. Urine or even feces that are left too long in the diaper can irritate the baby’s skin. That is why you should routinely change diapers at least 2-3 hours, or when the baby defecates.

Keep clean. In addition to carrying out the series of treatments above, you must also remember to always maintain the cleanliness of clothing and the home environment. After washing baby clothes, use a special fabric softener liquid specially formulated for babies.

Caring for sensitive skin in infants and children is not easy, but that does not mean impossible. You can do some of the tricks above to keep your little one’s skin soft and irritation free. Good luck.

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